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Clean Energy Project Financing

PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) is a public/private mechanism for financing solar, energy efficiency, renewable energy,
water conservation and seismic upgrades on privately-owned real property.

Renewable Energy

Solar, battery storage,
ev chargers, fuel cells

Heating & Air

Ventilation systems, furnaces,
A/C units & chillers

Building Envelope

Cool roofing, insulation,
windows & exterior doors


Fixture replacement, LEDs,
occupancy sensors

Water Efficiency

Water efficient landscaping, artificial turf, automated control systems

Resiliency Upgrades

Seismic retrofitting, storm reinforcement, occupant health, and more (location-specific)


The financing creates an assessment lien on the property that is repaid as installments on the property tax bill. Dividend's PACE financing is a no money down, long-term way to finance building improvements with low fixed interest rates.

Where we offer PACE

Building upgrades
with PACE

Improving your property with energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation projects, or resiliency retrofits enhances property value. Long term, low cost financing combined with tax benefits and energy savings provide a cost-effective means to update your property.

Government Partnerships

PACE Perks

  • Preserve Cash
    Invest in your property while preserving traditional bank credit and working capital for other projects.
  • Eliminate Uncertain, Rising Energy Expenses
    With PACE, you'll convert variable and increasing energy costs to a long-term, fixed outlay.
  • Increase Property Cash Flow
    PACE financing features an annual payment that typically is less than the energy savings from which you'll benefit.
  • Tax Incentives and Rebates
    As property owner you keep all rebates and tax incentives tied to the improvements.
  • The Assessment Transfers with the Property
    The PACE assessment is attached to the property and can transfer to a new owner without additional cost.
  • Off Balance Sheet
    PACE financing is potentially off-balance sheet. Consult your accountant for guidance.

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