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The Partner Portal gives you the tools and resources necessary to win every opportunity.

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Our instant credit approval process saves time and increases conversions, with an instant credit decision and a paperless application.

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Service contracting is a relationship business. Our partnerships are built to last. Every Partner gets a dedicated Account Manager and white-glove service from the Dividend Customer Success team.

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As a specialty finance lender, we are innovating in weeks, not years. Our flexible lending provides unique solutions for homeowners and enables us to work with all types of partners.

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  • Everything about the Partner Portal seems to be designed to make things easy. Easy for the consultants to get in, gather and submit customer data, and apply. On the admin side it's great and allows me to access everything I need in just a screen or two. Kudos to the designers and coders who seem to understand how important ease of use is for the end users.

  • I have been selling solar for over two years now - I’ve worked with over five different finance partners and without a doubt Dividend is the best financing partner I have ever worked with. Their portal and processes are seamless and anytime I have any questions, any concerns, or need any assistance, their customer service is second to none, and their response time is remarkable. I truly give Dividend a 10 out of 10!

  • For me personally, it starts with loyalty to one lender. I choose to only work with Dividend. Jumping from one lender to the next makes no sense to me. Easy program to understand for a rep, but more so, easy for the homeowner to understand. Customer service is top notch, and behind the scenes I'm one to text my Account Directors 24/7 to do whatever it takes to get the job done upon request. The Dividend team always delivers for my homeowners.

  • It’s been a pleasure working with Dividend. The Dividend team is very knowledgeable and available to answer all our questions. Very pleased with the process and professionalism. The Partner portal is very user friendly. We have been given the opportunity to integrate our CRM through an API and are excited to explore that option. Overall it’s a great working tool.

  • Without a doubt, the Dividend Team has made our experience phenomenal! The customer care has been absolutely top notch! As well, the partner portal is extremely simple to use with minimal training required. And the resulting proposals it generates are easily the best in the industry.

  • We are very happy to have Dividend as an outstanding partner. Their Loan Programs are very competitive and Partner Portal provides an easy and fast way for us to submit Loan Applications and get the Loan documents to the customer for their signature. Overall, Dividend provides a simple and quick Solar Loan Program which helps us to increase our Sales and grow our Business.

  • Dividend helps us close more deals by approving more deals! The portal is extremely user friendly and makes it simple for any new sales reps coming on board to get familiar with it quickly and hit the ground running. They are aggressive to get deals approved and always available with someone to talk to when needed. Dividend makes financing solar fast and easy!

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  • Simple online process. No paperwork required here.
  • Instant credit decisions – don't wait for approvals.
  • Plethora of marketing and training resources.
  • Clear expectations + consistent results = successful outcomes!

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